A Rant for Mother’s Day

When I think of an ideal Mother’s Day, I think of an entire day away from my offspring. At best, that seems an unpopular notion; at worst, I get the sense that people look down their noses at me. You know the “people” I mean, don’t you? Those mothers who are always perfectly coiffed and manicured, whose house looks like a Better Homes & Gardens spread, who write nauseating posts on Facebook about their special children doing such special things.

But I digress.

Why shouldn’t Mother’s Day be a day off from the human beings who make you crazy most of the time? Let’s be honest here: when you have young children and your only moments of peace are spent locked in a fairly (ok, admit it) really dirty bathroom and they are still knocking on the door, even a day at work is bliss. Or when your children are teens or pre-teens and grocery shopping alone is a spa experience. When you’re a mom, isn’t time to yourself is the best gift of all?

But we can’t admit that, we can’t be honest with ourselves or each other, because what kind of monster has that kind of attitude? Right? That’s akin to child neglect. Certainly we can’t come clean and just said it out loud: “my children suck the life out of me on a daily basis!”

This morning at church we had one of those heartwarming videos, where they use a bunch of adjectives to describe mothers, like “hero,” “warrior,” “friend,” “disciplinarian,” etc. As the video went on, I became more and more irritated. All those titles seem like too much pressure for me. Like they were expectations. Like I wasn’t fulfilling my duty if I didn’t live up to them. Truth be told, I just want to be a mom. That seems like enough.


A Rant for Mother’s Day

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